12 Features Of Online Commodity Trading And Futures Trading

Online commodity trading and futures trading are by-words today. But this was not the scene always. The original marketers belonged to the 1800s. They were just farmers who wanted to sell what they had grown on their agricultural lands. Crops would be harvested, and produce brought to the market for sale.

Not having the educational services available in modern times, they were not able to judge whether the goods that they had brought were sufficient or less in quantity. If the quantity was not sufficient for the buyers, the farmers lost an opportunity to make more money. If there was excess quantity, produce like crop products, meats and dairy products would have to be carted back home. In time, they would rot and spoil. Either way, whether there was a surplus or a deficiency, the farmer suffered losses.

Sometimes, a certain produce would be available off season, but not in as large a quantity as it would be if available during the regular season. Naturally, the products made from this were sold at high prices.

Ultimately, many heads got together to come up with the idea of a common or central marketplace. Farmers would bring their harvests here on certain days and sell them. The buyer could take them as immediate delivery (today, it is called spot cash) or order them as a future delivery (today, known as futures market). 선물옵션

The result of this endeavor was setting of standard prices for different commodities (in season and off season), plus giving an indication to farmers about demand and supply. Thus, spoilage of produce was brought to a halt and farmers no longer incurred huge losses. This can be seen as the stepping stone to the online commodity trading and futures trade that exists today!

Foregoing all that happened between now and then, looking at online commodity trading now as it exists, what are the considerations to be kept in mind if someone wants to go in for it?

(1) The first and foremost point regarding online commodity trading is having an intelligent grasp of how markets function (physical or online) and how contracts are drawn up for futures trade.

(2) Whether involved in online commodity trading or futures trading, there has to be a manufacturer of goods and a consumer of the same goods. One is the seller and the other is the buyer in the contract.

(3) Trade today has gone from agricultural produce and food products to much more, including financial instruments. So the trader has plenty of business options.

(4) Online commodity trading differs from futures trading in that goods may have to be handed over physically. A receipt is issued to the customer, enabling him/her to go to the warehouse and pick up the products.

(5) Another type of contract that has come into being is the futures contract. This has evolved from a forward contract, which is nothing but a buyer signing an agreement to pay for and purchase goods at a specified date some time in the future (generally, the time limit is three months from the date set on the contract). The goods will be delivered on that future date.

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